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Carplay/ Andorid Auto Box for Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X

Carplay/ Andorid Auto Box for Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X

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Compatible CarFor Tesla all series model, all Model 3, Model Y, 2021+ Model S/X

Features: Support Carplay, Android Auto, Carlife,Iphone Wireless Cast.

Easy to Connect: play to plug. 

Size: 70mm*80mm

Network: 2.4G(old version )/ 5G (new version) Dual-band

OTA online upgrade:easy to update and solve the most problem through updates.

Method : 1, turn on the phone 4G internet and turn on the phone Bluetooth. ( please delete the carplay box bluetooth device on your phone fisrt if you connect the carplay box bluetooth with your phone before)

2,find the Carplay box Bluetooth of "TSL***" and connect it, after connect, click "Pair" "Allow" and "Use Carplay", wait for a mintues, the Carplay box Bluetooth will not connect,

3,and turn on your phone Chrome browser (not use safari browser), enter the link "", click "check for updates", after uodates successfully, refresh the page to double confirm the current version you have, or again click "check for updates"

Carplay box new instructions:

CarPlay Box Software OTA Updates Video Tutorials


No need Sim card, no need connect the phone hotpot, Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth connect more stable and smooth.( not support for the vehicle browser will be closed when the vehicle on driving state. like Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan Tesla Vehicle. the  Japen Tesla Vehicle the connect methods is difference, please conect us before purchasing)


1, Explain that after connecting to our carplay box, it cannot use the Tesla entertainment application functions at the same time. 


Principle: After connecting to the Carplay box, the 4G network of the Tesla will be occupied by the 2.4G frequency band data of the Carplay. At this time, Tesla does not have network data function, and the application functions of the original car do not have network data provided, so they cannot be used. 


After connecting the carplay box, if you need the phone sound to be emitted from the original car speaker, you need to connect the phone Bluetooth to the car Bluetooth. 


If commands need to be issued, only the built-in voice command function of the phone can be issued. For example, iPhone users can long press the right button of the steering wheel to say "Hi Siri" for phone command functions, such as playing music or navigation and others.

2, After using the CarPlay box, if the vehicle is parked within 5 meters of the destination (home/company), there may be have the issue isthe CarPlay box Wi Fi occupies other Wi-Fi.


Principle:Due to the carplay module has an automatic connection finding function, there may be a carplay box Wi Fi priority mode for connecting to the phone's WiFi, causing other WiFi connections to be disconnected.


Solution 1: In the phone's Wi Fi settings, enter "TSL * * *" Wi Fi and turn off the automatic connection.

Solution 2: Purchase a USB signal conversion cable from Amazon and turn it off when there is no need to connect to the carplay box.

 3,For the next time connection of Carplay Box 

If the Carplay box Wi-Fi is set to automatically join on the mobile phone's Wi -Fi, during the next time connection, it is only need to confirm that the Bluetooth and Wi -Fi on the phone are turned on, and then enter the website address "zbox. link" in the vehicel browser to automatically connect.

If the mobile phone Wi-Fi does not set the Carplay box Wi-Fi  to automatically join, it is need to manually connect the mobile phone Wi Fi to the Carplay box Wi-Fi when Bluetooth is on and Wi-Fi is on Then enter the website address "zbox. link" in the car browser to connect