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T9 CarPlay/Android Auto Smart Instrument Screen for Tesla Model 3/Y

T9 CarPlay/Android Auto Smart Instrument Screen for Tesla Model 3/Y

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New Function: There is an air vent at the bottom of the screen, so there is no air-blocking. It supports CarPlay and Android Auto on the new 9-inch screen. It also has a front blind spot camera.

Design: Ultra-thin, Narrow edge design, instrument frame only about 3mm; 2.5D screen fits perfectly on the original car dashboard
UI Upgrade:
Support Ul upgrade, with 3 styles of Ul design: 1. Simple Interface; 2. Classic Interface 3. Sports Interface


  • Compatible Models: Model 3, Model Y, and M3 Highland, suitable for Intel and AMD systems.  just support LHD vehicles.
  • Unique Design: OEM design for 9-inch screen, ultra-thin 9.0-inch IPS touch HD 1920*720 2.5D screen, high screen ratio, extremely narrow frame appearance display with thin seamless bezel.
  • Linux System:  2GB RAM and 32GB RAM, multiple control method: touch screen, mobile phone, steering wheel, and voice control
  • Sync Information: Automatically synchronizes with the information on the original car central control screen, such as vehicle speed, gear, electricity, light status, door information, safety distance, speed limit warning, tire abnormal pressure warning, etc
  • Control method: Touch Screen and Right Steering Wheel button 
  • Support OTA updates
  • Three UI interfaces: day and night modes.
  • Five Colors for the 3D Car Mode.
  • Easy Installation: Plug & Play, Non-Destructive Installation.

After Installation

Closely fits the original car's dashboard central control panel and does not shake on bumpy roads.

Patented Appearance Design

built-in air outlet, ultra-thin 2.5D narrow edge design, high-definition screen

Support Front Camera

1080P high-definition waterproof camera, automatically enters the proactive function when starting in D gear, driving safely

Hands-Free Driving Warning & Blind Spot Reminder

Support OTA Upgrade

Three Set UI Theme

three sets UI theme to switch, day and night mode