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Power Frunk and Trunk for Tesla Model 3

Power Frunk and Trunk for Tesla Model 3

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Power Frunk
Power Trunk
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This is a fascinating look at the field of smart car technology. With the Model 3 Power Trunk and Power Frunk, you have complete control over the system. They can be opened and closed using a variety of control mechanisms.

~Dashboard touch screen
~Model 3 key fob
~Smartphone/smartwatch (official Tesla App/Siri assistant)
~Foot sensor (optional): Trunk only
~Tailgate/Frunk button

The original tailgate lacks gear detection, but it has a gear detection function.
The kick sensor in N, D, or R gear can be opened using the original manual buckle; however, this updated version will only allow the tailgate to be opened when the kick sensor is in the protection state in P gear.

Featuring a protective feature for car washes.
With a wireless remote control attached, To disable the kick sensor when the vehicle is in wash mode, hit the lock button on the remote control. Press the unlock button to begin after washing the car to avoid the tailgate accidentally opening from the kick of the water cannon while the car is being washed.

    Difficulty of installation: 🌟🌟🌟

    It is recommended to be installed by a professional installer, and the installation point is connected to: