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T6' CarPlay/Android Auto Steering Wheel Touch Screen Display

T6' CarPlay/Android Auto Steering Wheel Touch Screen Display

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Carplay/Android Auto (New)
Front Camera
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Product Description:

The 6.86-inch steering wheel instrument screen is suitable for all current Tesla Model 3/Y.

The car-grade special screen is selected to be resistant to high and low temperatures. The customized CPU, large memory storage chip, and Linux system run fast and stable.

Appearance design: adopt the same appearance shell color as the original car, and the shell has been treated with fuel injection surface; the feel and color are consistent with the original car; the thin screen is consistent with the large screen of the original car; the appearance is more streamlined; and the style of the original factory is more fusion coordination.

The 6.86-inch screen is selected to ensure a large field of view without affecting the wind or blocking the line of sight. The size ratio is more coordinated, and the visual effect is better than other competing products. The display effect and appearance are more in line with the original style.
IPS: 1080*480, high-definition, and delicate picture quality.

Front Camera: 1080 P.
AI Front camera: 1080P,Artificial intelligence can detect pedestrians and vehicles on the road within the visual range of the camera (within 25 meters), and sound an alarm within 2 meters of the vehicle. The closer the vehicle is, the louder the alarm sound will be.

1. Real-time display of vehicle driving information: vehicle speed, gear position, lights (turning lights, high beams, low beams, fog lights, position marker lights, etc.), seat belts, outdoor temperature, tire pressure, speed limit reminder, autopilot steering wheel warning prompt, blind spot detection, 3D door opening and closing status display, following distance, total mileage, cruising range, battery power, multi-language, and other important information.

2. There are three UI themes (simple, classic, and sporty), and you can switch between different UI pages at will. The day mode and night mode can be switched automatically or synchronously with the original car system.

3. Support Front Camera: High-definition pixels, clear picture, waterproof function

4. Support OTA updates. It is easy to update the software. 

Update via OTA Steps:

1. Set phone hotspot name to ➡️ car
2. Set password to ➡️ 12345678
3. ⁠Select OTA Update on the settings screen
4. Wait for screen to connect to phone hotspot 
5. ⁠At the prompt select download for the update

5. Support multi-language: Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Arabic

6. Installation: Plug & Play Installation within 20 minutes; No drilling is required and the interior of your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y will not be damaged during installation

7. Support CarPlay/Android Auto 

Software update (to fix well the data incorrect after update the Tesla software to 24.20.1 version)