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Model 3/Y Real Carbon Fiber Rear Trunk Lip Spoiler

Model 3/Y Real Carbon Fiber Rear Trunk Lip Spoiler

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Carbon Fiber
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Acquire the true molded carbon and high-performance OEM-looking spoiler for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. Like the factory OEM spoiler, this Tesla Model 3 and Model Y rear spoiler adds a little performance.

Real Dry Carbon Fiber, a hand-laid woven carbon fiber without fiberglass or any other plastic, is used to make our Model 3 Model Y Spoiler. It has a UV coating to help prevent yellowing and provide years of beauty.

With the carbon fiber Performance High Efficiency Trunk Spoiler for your Model Y Model 3, you may take advantage of enhanced aerodynamic efficiency, greater rear stability at high speeds, and sportier looks.

There are two finishes for the aftermarket spoiler for the Tesla Model 3 Model Y: glossy or matte. The glossy variant has a deep glossy appearance and is rich and beautiful. The second is a dry look, sometimes known as a matte finish. Matte gives a more contemporary appearance by reducing glare and reflection. The TESLA Model Y OEM Performance served as the model for the Performance Spoiler. This Performance Spoiler is the ideal option for you if you want the performance look because it is the exact same size as the OEM version.

The installation is firmly mounted and requires no punching.


  • Real Carbon Fiber: Available in two finishes. Gloss or Matte . When you add these to your cart, simply choose either gloss or matte. The gloss version has a rich and striking appearance with a strong shine. Both are made of real molded carbon fiber, which is a hand-laid, woven carbon fiber without fiberglass or any other plastic
  • Performance Look - Make the vehicle look like a sporty car, adding greater downforce and contributing to aerodynamics, greatly improving styling and appearance
  • Stability - Maintains vehicle stability at high speeds, does not obstruct the driver's rear view, reduces overall drag reduces wind resistance and saves fuel
  • Easy Install - Including the required 3M double-sided tape for easy installation, attach the spoiler to the trunk lid
  • Precise fit - Manufactured with real-world tolerances for a snug fit,
  • Fitment - Designed for Tesla Model Y 2024-2020, Tesla Model 3 2017-2023,Model 3 Highland ,enhance your Tesla appearance , which looks like a Tesla OEM performance spoiler.


Material: Gloss or Matte Dry Carbon Fiber
Fitment: Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 ,Model 3 Highland , Model Y 2020-2024 (all years, models, and versions)

Package Include

1pc × Tesla spoiler for Model 3 Model Y

1pc × 3M double-sided adhesive tape


  1. Clean the Surface: Ensure that the area where you will be installing the spoiler is clean and free of any dirt, wax, or debris. You can use a mild cleaning solution to clean the surface.
  2. Mark the Placement: Before applying the spoiler, mark the exact placement using masking tape. This will serve as a guide during the installation.
  3. Test Fit: Before removing any adhesive backing, do a test fit of the spoiler to make sure it aligns properly with the markings. Adjust as needed.
  4. Use a Helper: If possible, have someone assist you during the installation. They can help hold the spoiler in place while you secure it.
  5. Peel Off Adhesive Backing: Once you're satisfied with the placement, start peeling off the adhesive backing gradually. Avoid touching the adhesive to prevent any contamination. In order to achieve better effect, we suggest to heating the double sided adhesive by hair dryer or lighting.  (It can't over 40 degrees).
  6. Press Firmly: Once the adhesive is exposed, press the spoiler firmly onto the surface. Apply even pressure across the entire surface to ensure a secure bond. Please pressing 20-30 seconds or more when paste and stay dry in 48 hours for the best firming result. 
  7. Double-Check Alignment: After installation, double-check the alignment to ensure it meets your satisfaction. Make any adjustments if necessary.