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Multiple Functions Center Console Physical Control Button for the Tesla Model Y/3

Multiple Functions Center Console Physical Control Button for the Tesla Model Y/3

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Models that are compatible: Tesla physical buttons are made specifically for the Model Y/3/3 Highland. They are crafted to match the car's original design, fit perfectly, and improve the usability and usefulness of the inside of the Tesla.


Multipurpose design: Ten physical buttons and one rotating button allow for the realization of a multitude of functions, such as autonomous driving, a shift button, the ability to change the temperature and wind speed of the air conditioning system, a turn signal button, an ambient light for the streamer, and more.

Operation is intuitive: pushing physical buttons yields a prompt and intuitive response. You can quickly manage it with a gentle touch, lowering the likelihood of misoperation, without having to go through the intricate touch screen menu for the necessary settings.

Driving safety tip: Operating blindly while driving is made easier with physical buttons. By utilizing the touch screen to locate and manage the control options, the driver may increase driving safety without having to take his eyes off the road for an extended period of time.

Sturdy and dependable: Physical buttons often exhibit high dependability and a lengthy service life. They always give you robust control functions and are resistant to issues like touch screen damage, system jams, and software failures.

Elegant and understated: The thoughtfully crafted tactile buttons seamlessly complement the overall interior design of the Tesla. In addition to serving functional purposes, they also contribute to interior design by showcasing a clean, contemporary appearance.

Fast response: Instantaneous reaction can be obtained by pressing the physical buttons. Smooth operation is ensured by the ability to make adjustments instantly without having to wait for the system to process them after clicking the button.

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