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Model Y DIY Pilot Light Upgrade Version

Model Y DIY Pilot Light Upgrade Version

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Note: Please check your local traffic law to see if it is legal to install the pilot light or not before you place the order. It is illegal in your traffic law and you can order it if you don't mind. It is not acceptable for the return and refund reason to be illegal

Functions of this DIY leading light:

1. Brake light flash mode--yellow light

2. Turn signal streamer mode--yellow light.

3. A variety of small light patterns are preset, and you can select your favorite small light pattern through the mobile APP and display it on the screen.

Supports mobile APP DIY small light style:
input text in the mobile app and cast it to the pilot light to display
It improves safety.
This pilot warning stop safety lamp has a high brightness. It greatly improves the warning effect, improves vehicle recognition ability, and gets more obvious synchronization with exterior accessories to turn signals. 
Waterproof material: The New Pilot light adopts high-quality ABS+PC of the shell, bright LED lamp beads with long service life, and single-chip microcomputer chip control, which is wear-resistant and durable.
Simple installation: Plug & Play, Plugin with the original car interface without breaking wires and non-destructive installation Multiple