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V5 Soft Close Door for Tesla Model 3/Y

V5 Soft Close Door for Tesla Model 3/Y

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Product Name: Tesla Model 3/Y V5 Soft Close Doors

Compatible Models: Model Y 2020-2022+ and Model 3 2016-2022+, are compatible with Intel Atom and AMD Ryzen CPUs
Performance Upgrade: 8mm closing distance with smart induction for a precise closing.
High-Quality Materials: Nylon fiber+high-strength cold-rolled sheet, iron-based powder metallurgy, brand motor+variable speed gear design
Waterproof Grade: up to IP56
Simple Installation: Use the original lock body mounting screws with a tightening force of 20Nm
Features: Use original steel wire rope, which will not damage the original car and will not affect the car's other functions.
1.5s Quick Closing: Gently push the door to the semi-locked state, and the door will close to the fully locked state within 1.5s
60ms Electric Open: the self-priming lock can be electrically unlocked within 60ms
Mechanically Opening: Open the door mechanically after power failure. Normal use by manually pressing the original interior button to open the door
Logic Anti-pinch: When the door is closing, the door will immediately stop closing when it detects an object, thus preventing a pinch
Relapse Closing: If the electric lock encounters an obstacle during the closing process, it will pause before trying to close again after 5s,
Avoid damaging your vehicle while improving safety
Anti-play Mode: When the door is closed, open the door and immediately close the door to the semi-lock state, and the electric lock will enter the anti-play mode
Super Silence: The noise is lower than 30db when the electric closing doors are working, you will not listen to any noise

Installation Difficult: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

It is recommended to be installed by professionals.

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